Interested in donating a lawn?

Dirboys works mainly on whats called SPIN farming, Small Plot I-N-tensive. What that means is most of the plots we farm are small backyards donated to us by you wonderful people!

We then convert your yard space into a mini farm like this one right here —–>

Ideally we are looking for plots at least 1000sq feet and located central NE-SE.

If you think you might be interested in discussing a law donation reach out

Here’s a bit of the process of making your lawn into a mini farm.

  1. We get together and talk about commitments, how it works, and any agreements we want to make.
  2. I use a process called occultation to kill grass and weeds, this is basically tarping the area for 1-2 months.
  3. I layer cardboard, compost, and wood mulch to create the garden.
  4. Grow!!!
While this tarping technique might not look very nice it allows all the organic matter to break down underneath and be incorporated into the soil. Most importantly it eliminates the need to till or rip out the grass, something we don’t want to do in regenerative agriculture.

Tarping the plot

Putting down cardboard over dead grass

And presto its ready to go!