Join our summer CSA!

Our summer CSA runs from June 7th – September 13th

More info to come as we get closer to. Check back in March for full details.

Join our winter CSA now!

A weekly cost of $10.50 which works out to $94.50 for the season.
You can join up at any point and be put on the next pick up date.

Pick ups are in Parkdale NW, or delivery for an extra $5 per week.

Plastic free!
At Dirtboys we try and reduce plastic consumption where we can. With this CSA we provide micros in tupperware containers. Each pick up we swap out the containers with the previous ones and wash and sanitize them for next pick up.

What is a CSA and why it matters

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is when you and members of your community invest in supporting a farm. The most expensive and least profitable part of the season is at the beginning. This is when farmers put in huge amounts of work and money with no income until crops are ready.

This makes farming incredibility risky as income isn’t even guaranteed when crops are ready.

A CSA gives you the chance to provide stability. Basically you pay up front for a share in the farm. Each week for the season you receive a veggie box of the best produce that week!