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Top 10 things to lessen your ecological footprint

I have a hard time with environmental and ecological footprint. I always feel that my family could be doing more. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the more is educating those people who actually could be doing a lot

Job Posting – Farm Hand/Lead

Dirt Boys is looking for a qualified individual that will be a vital part of the company’s plan this year. This will work into an urban farm lead position by mid season after training. They will oversee and be responsible

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Video – Growing Community, an Urban Farming Movement

I just found this video I was involved with which I never saw the final product. It’s not bad, a bit lengthy but great nonetheless. Enjoy:

Dirt Boys is participating in Calgary’s Most Local CSA Food Box

CSA – Community Shared Agriculture Some of you may know what it is, most of you may not. It’s hard to get people to sign up to be a share member of a farm when they don’t know what they

Fall Yard and Garden Clean-up and Maintenance

Dirt Boys is offering a fall yard clean-up and garden maintenance, getting your yard and garden ready for winter. Services include: Raking and disposing of leaves Adding fresh compost to gardens Removing all annual and vegetables from gardens Adding a

Wicking Bed Project

At the beginning of the gardening season, actually there was still snow on the ground when I went to visit this site, a lovely lady who was wanting raised beds mentioned “Wicking Beds” which I then had to do a

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Types of Composters and Benefits of Each

When people ask us about composting the second most popular question has to be, what type of composters should I get? There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, mostly just a matter of space and preference.

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Mason Bees and their Importance in Nature

What is a Mason Bee? Osmia lignaria, commonly known as the mason bee, is a megachilid bee that makes nests in reeds and natural holes, creating individual cells for their brood that are separated by mud dividers. This bees pollenates

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Dirt Boys looking for yards to garden in – Bridgeland, Renfrew Calgary

The urban farming group known as Dirt Boys is looking for some space to garden in. Have you heard of SPIN Farming? Well you have now. In the neighborhoods of Bridgeland and Renfrew in Calgary, AB we are looking for your

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My Urban Garden by Polly Bennell – Short Documentary

I ran across this National Film Board short documentary that I wanted to share. It’s older but just as relevant today as it was in 1982. Polly Bennell share’s the wonders and treats that she grows in her urban garden

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