The Dirt Boys Urban Farm

Dirt Boys is proud to be one of the longest running urban farms in Calgary. We are happy and thankful to be part of groups like YYC Growers and the Permaculture community.

At Dirtboys we focus on a style of regenerative farming called no-dig. This method of farming is about disrupting the soil as little as possible to promote soil health and microbial life.
In our farming practice the only thing we add to the garden is beautiful compost, some egg shells, and worm poop!
We are 100% organic and provide our plants a happy home to grow.
The “farm” is spread out among 8 different plots mainly in the Central NE-SE from around Renfrew to Ogden. Pictured above is our main plot around 1/4 of an acre located next to the Center for Spiritual Living. This plot is where 95% of the produce for our summer CSA program is grown.
If you live close to our area and have a plot that is over 1000 square feet, feel free to contact us and we can come and see if we might be interested in growing.
If you live in another neighbourhood and would like to donate your yard to urban farming, please contact YYC Growers with the details of your yard.