The Dirt Boys Urban Farm

Calgary Urban FarmDirt Boys is proud to be one of the longest running urban farms in Calgary. We are proud to be part of groups like YYC Growers and the Permaculture community.

We have learned over the years to concentrate our farms in a few neighbourhoods rather than driving all over the city. We currently have 3 yards in Renfrew, 3 in Bridgeland, 1 in Crescent Heights, 2 in Inglewood/Ramsay and 1 recent larger plot in Manchester. Many of these yards we’ve been growing in for 5 years. We know the soil is much better than we first started and the care and attention that the soil receives helps these neighbourhoods with fresh air and provide so much produce.
If you live in one of these neighbourhoods and have a plot that is over 1000 square feet, feel free to contact us and we can come and see if we might be interested in growing.
If you live in another neighbourhood and would like to donate your yard to urban farming, please contact YYC Growers with the details of your yard.