About Us – Farmers and Owners

Dirtboys was founded by Dennis Scanland a past president of YYC Growers and Distributors, and operator of SunnyCider. He took his love of gardening and spending time with his two boys and made it his job.
I, Michael Gavin have since taken over and continue to pursue the effort of helping you all grow amazing veggies!
I grew up always out in nature, camping or playing with bugs in the yard. My family gardened since before I was born and I started early. One of my favourite places was the greenhouse my dad built, in the winter it could covert into a mobile ice fishing shack!
I’ve got a background in Ecology with a focus on pollinators. One thing I’ve been able to bring to Dirtboys since taking over is a new focus and effort to help our native pollinator populations. 
Research, while great didn’t feel impactful enough for me and so I started moving towards regenerative farming. With regenerative farming I’m able to actually implement and directly address the ecosystem problems we face today.
Dirt Boys’ mandate is to change our city one yard at a time. Grass is a waste of resources and space most of the time. Why not convert that yard to a thriving, productive vegetable, fruit or herb garden?
Better yet get your two neighbours to as well and you can all share in a nice big productive garden rather than lawns divided by fence.
I want to work with you to help you figure out the best way to turn your yard from boring grass to a little piece of Eden.