Bagitarian – Bring your bags

Bring Your Own BagOur friend Carla came up with the term (as far as I’m aware) bagitarian. Always have a few reusable shopping bags in your vehicle, purse, back-pack, etc. I’m guilty of not doing this from time to time. We’ve got hundreds of bags sitting at the house but never where we need them, in the vehicle or pack when we arrive at the stores. This is especially important over the holiday season when you are out shopping for presents. The heavier duty bags that you get from boutique stores are the most resource intensive there are. The thin, flimsy ones you get at grocery stores are less impactful but still take up petroleum resources just the same. A plastic bag takes anywhere from 15 – 1000 to decompose. In landfills lacking proper oxygen, paper bags aren’t any better. Some people argue that they can just throw the bags in recycling but less than 1% of bags in North America even make it that far. And it is so expensive to recycle plastic bags that some facilities don’t even take them. In the US alone, they use 12 million barrels of oil to produce all the bags used.

“Say no to the bag”. Bring a bag. If you don’t have a reusable one, purchase a reusable one to bring home your goods. Alternatively, just opt for no bag. Become a bagitarian.

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