Wicking Bed Project

At the beginning of the gardening season, actually there was still snow on the ground when I went to visit this site, a lovely lady who was wanting raised beds mentioned “Wicking Beds” which I then had to do a lot of research on to see if it was something I could do. The beds looked a little meticulous but I felt I could manage this feat. Wicking Beds work on the concept of watering from underneath, rather than from the top. There is a bit of plumbing involved and the beds need to be lined with heavy duty plastic to retain the water.

Wicking Bed Before

BEFOREĀ This is the site before any work was done. A plot on the right hand side had been dug up to garden in previously.

Anyway, I after a week, and having my whole family help out on this job (yes, Dirt Girls are on the team too) we managed to get the job done. I think they are both impressive visually as well as practical. You don’t lose a lot of moisture due to evaporation. The plants take as much water as they need.

I’m sure someone will ask, for a 8×4 wicking bed, you are looking at about $750-800.

Early on in the site

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