Dirt Boys looking for yards to garden in – Bridgeland, Renfrew Calgary

The urban farming group known as Dirt Boys is looking for some space to garden in. Have you heard of SPIN Farming? Well you have now. In the neighborhoods of Bridgeland and Renfrew in Calgary, AB we are looking for your neglected front yard or back yard that needs some TLC. In exchange for the use of your land, you will get a weekly supply of veggies that was grown on your land, as well as knowing you are helping out with Calgary food security.


  • Must be in Bridgeland or Renfrew neighborhoods in Calgary
  • Must have at least 25′ squared for gardens

What will we do in your yard?

Farm it! Unconventionally but hopefully we’ll see enough produce to use in YYC Growers Harvest Box on a regular basis. This, of course, is with your share taken out.

If you are thinking your property might have what we are looking for, contact us with your phone number and we’ll see if we are a fit.

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